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These are agriculture, cattle, fishing, mining and lumber. All countries have two or one of these activities however countries that have a low development devote themselves entirely to these activities. Countries that are highly developed pursue these activities with a high level of technology. This allows them to have a higher production and less people working.


Is divided into extensive and intensive according to the farming method used. Extensive farming uses simple and traditional techniques. Intensive farming uses machines, chemiclas and watering systems and uses less man labor.


This divides itself into the species of herds that are raised: horses, cows, goats, sheep and pigs. It is also divided into extensive and intensive.


Commercial Fishing is held in open sea on international coasts and exclusive zones.


One fourth of the continents have forests. There are different kinds depending on the climate of each country. Lumber is used in several ways.

Copy the following questions in your notebook. Read your Geography books pages 83-86 in order to answer them.


1. Which countries devote themselves only to primary economic activities?

2. Which countries export their cattle and agriculture?

3. What is it called when a farmer can only produce food for himself and his family?

4. What is commercial agriculture?

5. What are the principal agricultural productions in the world?

6. Where does intensive cattle production take place?

7. Where does extensive cattle production take place?

8. Which countries use fishing as their main source of economy?

9. What is lumber used for?

Read the following web page about biofuels and answer the questions stated below.


Biofuels are a new way of getting fuel from organic plants.

1. Which country is developing Ethanol?

2. Which country is developing canola biodiesel?

3. Which country is developing sugar cane?

4. Which of these countries is getting a higher rate (price/cost) for the biofuel they are developing?

5. What other biofuels are being developed?

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